Service Management

Service Management and ITIL have almost become synonymous. Merddin has the knowledge to assist you in the aspects of Service Design, Service Transition and Service Operation.

Service Design

The Service Level Management (SLM) process forms the link between the IT organization and customers. The main aim of SLM is to ensure the quality of the IT services provided, at a cost acceptable to the business/customer. The goal for SLM is to maintain and improve on service quality through a constant cycle of agreeing, monitoring, reporting and improving the current levels of service. It is focused on the business and maintaining the alignment between the business and IT. Implementing Service Level Management can only be completely successful when the other ITIL processes are implemented as well.

Service Transition

Change Management ensures that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes, in order to minimize the impact of Change-related incidents upon service quality, and consequently to improve the the day-to-day operations of the organization. The goal is to coordinate and control all changes to IT services to minimize adverse impacts of those changes to business operations and the users of IT services.

Service Operation

The Incident Management process provides the primary processing of questions, wishes and disturbances, including communication from (and to) the person reporting the incident. This process contributes to the fastest possible restoration of service to the normal, as defined in the Service Level Agreement, level with the least possible impact on the business activities of your company and the user.


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